Interior completion

For office buildings, shopping malls, individual stores, hotels, residential buildings and almost any tipe of civilian and industrial spaces, we can ensure you receive the best and fastest value for money in interior design and completion. Whether you have the design or not, our team will make your dreams come true.

We can help you with the design itself, or with the implementation of an existing unitary design. Our technicians and workers will be fast to install drywalls, electric and electronic systems, fireproof systems, glass enclosures, furniture and lighting, under the watchful eye and expert guidance of our project managers.

We offer the following interior completion services:

  • drywall construction, including hanging ceilings
  • masonry finishes and colors
  • fireproof walls, doors, windows
  • flagstones and glazed tyles
  • fireproof systems, fire prevention and fire extinguishing systems
  • air conditioning and air recycling systems
  • electrical systems and wiring
  • electronic systems (alarm, automatic doors, windows, smoke evacuation, payment systems, fully automated smart electronics)
  • water and sewage instalations
  • security systems
  • furniture
  • post-completion cleaning
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