About us

SBO International was founded in 2005 with the aim of providing top quality services in construction, general contracting and project management to customers throughout Europe. During its 12 years of existence, the company has evolved in every sense, expanding its team, its area of coverage, as well as constantly improving its quality and standards.

The company operates in Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, The Nederlands, Slowakia, Hungary and Romania, working with and for customers and partners such as Swarovski, Orsay, Pimkie, Bijou Brigitte and many others. SBO International is a proud member of the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Romania-Germany, acting to promote investments in Romania and cross-border endeavors.

Our mission

To become and remain a vital partner for our future and existing customers, providing the best quality services, always within the project deadlines and always exceeding quality expectations.

Our vision

A business environment in which all the wishes and plans of our customers are perfectly fulfilled.
We aim to be the leaders of this environment, an agent of change for the better.

Our values

We treasure discipline, correctness and efficiency. We are precise, fast and methodical. Our actions are guided by the German saying “Ein Man, ein Wort” (“One man, one word”), which means that each one of us must fulfill his or her promisses.